Your question: What was God’s covenant name?

What does God’s covenant name mean? Bible. the conditional promises made to humanity by God, as revealed in Scripture. the agreement between God and the ancient Israelites, in which God promised to protect them if they kept His law and were faithful to Him. What is the covenant name? Abrahamic covenant The covenant found … Read more

Your question: Where did Jesus live as a boy?

Where did Jesus go as a child? He (Jesus) spent six years in Puri and Rajgir, near Nalanda, the ancient seat of Hindu learning. Then he went to the Himalayas and spent time in Tibetan monasteries studying Buddhism and through Persia returned to Judea at the age of 29′. Did Jesus live in Egypt? … Read more

Your question: Who formed the Uniting Church?

Why was the United Church formed? In the settling of the Canadian West, many communities found themselves with a number of Protestant denominations but had difficulty recruiting ministers. Some groups formed the General Council of Union Churches in 1912 to deal with the practicalities of church administration and to encourage churches to unite. Is … Read more

Your question: Who is Castiel in Bible?

What kind of angel is Castiel in the Bible? Seraphim are a higher class of angel, above normal angels such as Uriel and Joshua. Castiel became a Seraph after God resurrected him from the dead when Lucifer killed him in 5.22 Swan Song. This is later confirmed when Castiel refers to himself as a … Read more

Your question: Who were at the feet of Jesus?

Who were the people at the foot of Jesus Cross? So, at the foot of the Cross, it was John, Mary (mother of Jesus), Mary’s sister (Salome), Mary (wife of Clopas), and Mary Magdalene. Who fell at the feet of Jesus? Mary worshipped at Jesus’ feet John (chapter 12) sets the scene perfectly with … Read more