What prophet is buried in Iran?

Where are Islamic prophets buried?

Figures mentioned in the Nevi’im (Prophets)

Biblical figure Place name and location
Elisha Elisha’s Tomb. Disputed between: near Mt. Carmel, West Bank or Kfar Yassif near Acre, Israel and Eğil, Turkey.
Huldah Mount of Olives, Jerusalem
Zedekiah Cave of Zedekiah, Old City of Jerusalem
Ezekiel Ezekiel’s Tomb, Al Kifl, Iraq

Who is buried in Samarkand?

Samarkand is home to dozens of magnificent tombs. Notable figures like the emperor Tamerlane, the astronomer Ulughbek and Kusam Ibn Abbas, the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad, who brought Islam to this land in the 7th Century, are all buried here.

Which prophet is buried in Syria?

There are 9 prophet’s graves and 3 Prophet’s mausoleum in Diyarbakır. These graves belongs to Prophet Zulkuf , Prophet Elisha, Prophet Asaf bin Berhiya, Prophet Enüş , Prophet Melak , Prophet Hellâk , Prophet Rüveym , Prophet Harut, Prophet Daniel. 3 mausoleum belongs to Prophet Zulkuf , Prophet jonah , Prophet Elijah.

Which prophet is buried in Turkey?

The mosque complex includes a mausoleum marking the spot where Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, the standard-bearer and friend of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, is said to have been buried.

Eyüp Sultan Mosque
Affiliation Islam
Branch/tradition Sunni (Hanafi)
Location Istanbul, Turkey

What was written on Timur tomb?

Opening of the tomb of Timur

It is believed that on Timur’s coffin Mikhail Mikhaylovich Gerasimov discovered a few warnings. 1) The world will be shaken once I resurrect 2) The one who will open my coffin will be defeated by his enemies.

Where is Timur’s grave?