You asked: Did Jesus carry an actual cross?

Did Jesus have a cross?

While the Gospels mention Jesus’ suspension, none specify a cross, according to Samuelson. Furthermore, the passion is described differently in different Gospels and has been depicted in various ways throughout history. “In the movie the ‘Passion of Christ,’ Jesus carries the whole cross on his back.

What happened to Jesus crown of thorns?

The French king Louis IX (St. Louis) took the relic to Paris about 1238 and had the Sainte-Chapelle built (1242–48) to house it. The thornless remains are kept in the treasury of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris; they survived a devastating fire in April 2019 that destroyed the church’s roof and spire.

Did Jesus have a child?

Jacobovici and Pellegrino argue that Aramaic inscriptions reading “Judah, son of Jesus“, “Jesus, son of Joseph”, and “Mariamne”, a name they associate with Mary Magdalene, together preserve the record of a family group consisting of Jesus, his wife Mary Magdalene and son Judah.