Why did Jesus appear to St Faustina?

How did Jesus reveal himself to St Faustina?

After her recovery, she returned to the convent, and by February 1931, she had been in the Płock area for about nine months. Kowalska wrote that on the night of Sunday, 22 February 1931, while she was in her cell in Płock, Jesus appeared wearing a white garment with red and pale rays emanating from his heart.

What is the message of Jesus to St Faustina?

Theologians say the message revealed to Saint Faustina “is a powerful reminder of who God is and has been from the very beginning. This truth that God is in His very nature Love and Mercy Itself, is given to us by our Judeo-Christian faith and God’s self-revelation.

What is the story of St Faustina?

Faustina was a mystic who had many visions of Christ. These she recorded in her Diary, which she was urged to keep by her confessor. … St Faustina died in Krakow in 1938 at the age of 33, of tuberculosis. She was canonised by Pope John Paul II in 2000.

What did St Faustina suffer from?

And their own. Many of the great saints suffer like St. Faustina, who died of tuberculosis at age 33, suffering greatly in her final years.

What does St Faustina want to impart to us?

He asked her to invite other souls to trust and requested that she implore trust for the dying. The Lord urged her to fight for the salvation of souls by encouraging them to trust in the mercy of God.

Where is the tomb of St Faustina?

Why was St Faustina not immediately able to pursue a religious vocation and what did she do to be able to join a religious order?

She felt called to a religious vocation from the age of seven, but she was discouraged from pursing it by her parents as they could not afford the dowry, which was the money and wardrobe required for a woman entering religious life.

What does the mercy of God do?

But the Bible also defines mercy beyond forgiveness and withholding punishment. God shows his mercy for those who are suffering through healing, comfort, the alleviation of suffering and caring about those in distress. He acts from compassion and acts with mercy.

Why do we pray the Divine Mercy?

Why do we pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet? We pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for mercy — in our own lives and in our neighbors, too. And we also pray to remind ourselves that we must rely on God; we must recognize our weakness and replace our anxieties and worries with abounding trust in God.