Question: Who is the highest church official in a major city?

What is the highest church official in the Byzantine Empire?

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  • Patriarch. The highest church official in Constantinople appointed by Justinian (the Bysantine Empreror). …
  • Great Schism. In 1054, was the split between the Eastern and Western Christian Churches. …
  • Greek Orthodox Church. …
  • Justinian. …
  • Constantinople. …
  • Icons. …
  • Hugia Sophia. …
  • Ottoman Turks.

Which is older Catholic or Orthodox?

Therefore the Catholic Church is the oldest of all. The Orthodox represents the original Christian Church because they trace their bishops back to the five early patriarchates of Rome, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Constantinople and Antioch.

Which Orthodox church is the biggest?


Name Area (m²) City
Hagia Sophia 7,960 Istanbul
Church of Saint Sava 3,650 m² Belgrade
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour 3,990 m² Moscow

Who was the leader of the church in the Byzantine Empire quizlet?

Because of the strength of Christianity in the eastern empire when the western empire fell, religion was very strong in the Byzantine empire. The pope was the leader of the Christian faith.

Who has supreme power in the Eastern Orthodox Church?

Catholic Church vs Eastern Orthodox Church

Question Answer
Which church? Pope has supreme power, even over emperor Roman Catholic Church
Which church? Patriarch is leader; still under authority of emperor Eastern (Greek) Orthodox
Which church? Accpeted that the Holy Spirit combines both the Father and Son Roman Catholic Church

Which religion is Orthodox?

Orthodox means adhering to accepted norms and creeds – especially in religion. In Christianity, the term means “conforming to the Christian faith as represented in the creeds of the early Church.” The Orthodox Church is one of the three main Christian groups – the others are the Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches.