What happened to Silas in the Bible?

What is the story of Silas in the Bible?

Silas was a bold missionary in the early church, a companion of the Apostle Paul, and a loyal servant of Jesus Christ. Silas accompanied Paul on his missionary journeys to the Gentiles and converted many to Christianity. He also may have served as a scribe, delivering Peter’s first letter to churches in Asia Minor.

Is Silas a demon?

Silas is a highborn demon and the demonic servant of Magister Nathaniel Thorn.

What happened with Paul and Silas?

When Paul and Silas commanded an evil spirit to come out of a slave girl, her owners were furious and dragged them to court. Paul and Silas were beaten and then thrown in jail. Imagine everyone’s surprise when they heard the two men singing praises and praying to God!

What does the Bible say about Paul and Silas?

The Bible tells us that “at midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God” (verse 25 NKJV). Suddenly an earthquake shook the prison, their shackles fell off, the walls came down, and they were free to go. … But Paul said, “Do yourself no harm, for we are all here” (verse 28 NKJV).

How was Silas killed?

Silas finds Amara tied on a tree and while he tries to untie her, she begs him to kill her. Stefan appears and they start fighting, with Stefan finally stabbing him. Silas dies and Amara stabs herself.

Does Silas come back at the end of sorcery of thorns?

Inside the last library, Elisabeth releases the grimoires so they can aid in the battle. Fueled by Archon’s strength, Ashcroft lashes out at them with potent magic. Elisabeth frees Silas from his bargain, and he returns to his most powerful demon form.

What are Silas?

Silas was a leading member of the early Christian community who accompanied Paul on his second missionary journey. Origin: Greek, Latin. Gender: Silas is traditionally a male-given name meaning “wood,” or “of the forest.”