How many Catholics live in Arizona?

What percent of Arizona is Catholic?

Over 39% of the residents are Protestants, Catholics (21%), Mormon (5%), Jewish (2%), and Jehovah witness (1%). About 27% of the residents in Arizona are not affiliated with any religious group.

What is the most common religion in Arizona?


Religion 2000 Population 2010 Population
Catholic Church 974,884 930,001
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 251,974 392,918
Southern Baptist Convention 138,516 126,830
Assemblies of God 82,802 123,713

What state has the most Catholic population?

Catholicism made up a plurality of the population in four states: New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

By state.

State % Catholic Largest Christian denomination
Massachusetts 34 Catholic Church
Rhode Island 42
New Jersey 34
California 28

What is the main religion in Phoenix?

Evangelical Christians are now the largest religious group in the Valley, at 25 percent, followed by Roman Catholics at 21 percent. Mormons make up 6 percent of the Phoenix metro area’s population.

How much of Arizona is white?


Persons 65 years and over, percent  18.0%
Female persons, percent  50.3%
Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent  82.6%

What is the largest ethnic group in Arizona?

The largest individual ancestry group in Arizona is Mexican (25.8%), followed by German (16.5%), English (10.3%) and Irish (10.9%%).

What percent of Arizona is black?

In Arizona in 2019, 31.7% of the total population was Hispanic, 54.1% were white, 4.5% were black, 3.9% were American Indian/Alaska Native and 3.6% were Asian/Pacific Islander.

Is Gilbert AZ a Mormon town?

Gilbert was primarily a Mormon farming community and was once known as the “Hay Shipping Capital of the World”. The town retains its history with the water tower that still stands in the middle of it. … While the town legacy can be seen everywhere, Gilbert also boasts a modern feel in the downtown heritage district.

Is Catholic Church growing or declining?

Nationwide Catholic membership increased between 2000 and 2017, but the number of churches declined by nearly 11% and by 2019, the number of Catholics decreased by 2 million people.

What percent of America is Catholic?

The United States has been called a Protestant nation by a variety of sources. In 2019, Christians represent 65% of the total adult population, 43% identifying as Protestants, 20% as Catholics, and 2% as Mormons. People with no formal religious identity form 26% of the total population.