Frequent question: What happened to the original drummer for Judas Priest?

Is Dave Holland a good drummer?

Holland’s drumming was very bland, especially in his latter days with Priest. In terms of Travis, he is a very skilled drummer from a technical aspect but,I find him to be too robotic, totally lacking in soul and groove. I feel the same way about Paul Bostaph, who kept Dave Lombardo’s seat warm in the 90’s.

Did Judas Priest have a black drummer?

David Holland (5 April 1948 – 16 January 2018) was an English heavy metal drummer born in Northampton, England. Holland is best remembered for his time with the bands Trapeze from 1969 to 1979 and Judas Priest from 1979 to 1989.

Why did Tim Owens leave Judas Priest?

So I wanted out of JUDAS PRIEST, ‘cause I wanted to do other stuff, but I never would have quit. ‘Cause I was great friends with them, and I was the singer of JUDAS PRIEST. But to make more money and to do more things, I had to branch out and do other things.”