Frequent question: Is Boston College only for Catholics?

Is everyone at Boston College Catholic?

There are plenty of masses and religious classes available. There are plenty of religious experiences available like speakers, choirs, art exhibits. The admissions person said 70% of the students are Catholic and there are about 60 masses per week if that’s something you want to take advantage of. …

Does Boston College consider religion?

Boston College is a Jesuit-affiliated university, and they take students’ religious affiliation into account while making admissions decisions. While they admit and welcome students from all religious traditions, they do consider affiliation, and the majority of the student body is Catholic.

What percent of Boston College is Catholic?


Type of school: Private, Jesuit (Roman Catholic)
Size of undergraduate student body: 9,171
Percent out-of-state: 76%
Percent international: 2.88%
Female to Male ratio: 50:50

Does Boston College favor Catholic applicants?

Catholic Doctrine

For example, schools that come from a Jesuit tradition, such as Georgetown, Boston College, and Holy Cross, emphasize scholarly excellence and service to others.

Is BC Law religious?

In 2021, U.S. News and World Report ranked BC Law as the #29 law school in the nation.

Boston College Law School
Parent school Boston College
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic (Jesuit)
Established 1929
School type Private

Is Villanova very religious?

Not a Problem! Villanova is a Catholic university but welcomes students of all spiritual and ethical backgrounds.

Is Boston College a Jesuit or Catholic?

As a Jesuit, Catholic university, Boston College is rooted in the conviction that faith and reason are mutually illuminating and that each discipline offers the potential to reveal the sacred.

What makes Boston College Catholic?

Boston College celebrates its Catholicism in many ways, including daily Mass and the annual Mass of the Holy Spirit. It also welcomes people of all faith traditions and encourages students to explore their spirituality and engage in discussions of faith-based issues.

Is a Jesuit a Catholic?

The Society of Jesus – more commonly known as the Jesuits – is a Catholic order of priests and brothers founded by St. Ignatius Loyola, a Spanish soldier-turned-mystic who worked to find “God in all things.”