Are the Gospels eyewitness testimony?

Are the Gospels eyewitness? The majority of New Testament scholars agree that the Gospels do not contain eyewitness accounts; but that they present the theologies of their communities rather than the testimony of eyewitnesses. Which Gospel writers were eyewitnesses of the ministry of Jesus? The four canonical gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—were all composed … Read more

Are prayers on Bible App private?

Is the prayer list in the Bible app private? Pray Consistently—YouVersion launched a new feature in March 2020 that allows people to add prayers to their Prayer List in the app. Each prayer can be kept private or shared with friends. Is YouVersion Bible app safe? YouVersion Bible is notorious for privacy violations and … Read more

Are churches eligible for employee retention credit?

Does the employee retention credit apply to churches? Churches cannot claim the ERC for wages paid to pastors or clergy since they are exempt from federal employment taxes. In addition, the following wages may not be included in Employee Retention Credit calculations: Emergency paid sick leave that was funded by the Family First Coronavirus … Read more