This Week’s Top Tips

Top tips for maintaining mental and physical well-being

  • Make a glove puppet from an old, clean, sock. Sew on button eyes or glue on material/ paper ones; add wool for hair and fix on any other embellishments you like. Why not make a whole set of characters puppet and create a puppet show?
  • Funny walks – create some crazy ways to walk e.g. lifting a leg really high and placing it as far in front of you as you can, walking backwards on tiptoe, walking with both knees bent etc – you can do them round the house, in the garden or in the park.

Top tips for keeping children happy at home

  • Press flowers to use on cards or pictures – flowers with flat blooms like daisies or pansies work best, avoid flowers with a lot of pollen (this can stain) and large flowers may need to be pressed as separate petals. Lay them between two sheets of kitchen paper and place inside an old book, then put some weights on the book (e.g. other books, a tin full of stones etc). Most small flowers and leaves will take about 4 weeks to dry out.
  • Wall press – strengthens upper body. Place your palms at chest height against a wall, fingers pointing upwards, with hands shoulder width apart and arms slightly bent. Keeping your back straight and feet still, bend your elbows and slowly lean forward until your head is near the wall. Then push yourself back to the starting position. Be careful not to bump your head.

Top tips by Sue Ayliff

Updated 4th June 2020