This Week’s Top Tips

Top tips for maintaining mental and physical well-being

  • To release the tension in a stiff neck just sit or stand tall and then slowly look over your right shoulder as far as is comfortable, back to centre and slowly over left shoulder. Repeat about 5 times.
  • Missing going out? Why not go on a virtual tour of an art gallery or museum – see or type into your search engine virtual tours of a gallery of your choice.

  Top tips for keeping children happy at home

  • One leg challenge – see how long each child (and adult) can stand on one leg – then see how many hops on one leg they can do. Keep a record and try to improve your score next week.
  • Send a smile – using a paper plate or round piece of paper/card draw a smiley face and decorate. This could be sent to a friend or relative or left outside a neighbour’s door – why not write on the back ‘I think you are doing a great job’ and leave it out for the dustman.

Top tips by Sue Ayliff