Which of the following characteristics distinguished early English Gothic churches from French High Gothic ones?

How is English Gothic different from French Gothic?

How did the English adaptation of the gothic style differ from the typical French Gothic cathedrals? … While French Gothic Cathedrals were built to be increasingly tall, English Gothic Cathedrals tended to emphasize the length of the building rather than the height.

What distinguishes the High Gothic style from the early Gothic?

What features distinguish High Gothic architecture? … The combination of flying buttresses and pointed rib vaults allowed the builders of Gothic cathedrals to construct extremely tall naves with large windows.

Which of these is a distinguishing characteristic of English Gothic churches?

Gothic architecture’s defining features are pointed arches, rib vaults, buttresses, and extensive use of stained glass. Combined, these features allowed the creation of buildings of unprecedented height and grandeur, filled with light from large stained glass windows.

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