When did Rob Halford return Judas Priest?

Is Rob Halford back in Judas Priest?

Rob Halford is the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Judas Priest formed in 1969. He first joined the band four years later they were formed, in 1973, until his departure in 1992. Later then, Halford had formed a band called Fight. But in 2003, he rejoined the band and still rocks the stage for fans.

Who sang for Judas Priest when Rob Halford left?

Owens made headlines in 1996 when he went from being a fan of the metal act Judas Priest to being their lead singer, replacing Rob Halford. Despite numerous rumors that Halford would reunite with Priest, Owens recorded two studio albums with his childhood heroes, as well as two live albums and a 2002 DVD release.

Did Rob Halford know Freddie Mercury?

Halford also reminisced about the time he met fellow LGBTQ rock icon, Freddie Mercury, at a gay club in Mykonos — long before Halford had publicly come out. … And I’m like, ‘My God, it’s Freddie Mercury. ‘ And he acknowledges me.”

What is Rob Halford’s vocal range?

Halford’s displayed range goes from C2 (in “Beneath the Violence”, “Scream”, “Shout”, “Silent Night“) to C#6 (“Love Bites” live in 1984). It is likely that his highest note currently is B5, as demostrated by a live performance of Painkiller in 2015. At 5:08 min mark you can hear the C#6.

Why was Judas Priest Cancelled?

Judas Priest was touring for its 50th anniversary, after the band’s original 2020 tour dates were canceled due to the pandemic. Forming in the 1970s the band’s first international tour was in 1974.