What kind of church was Laodicea?

How was the church of Laodicea?

The church in Laodicea had grown lukewarm and useless. Their selfish focus on wealth and culture kept them from living on purpose in this life. But Jesus offered them a second chance. He wanted a relationship with them again, and that relationship would put the church back on mission.

What is Laodicea called today?

Laodicea ad Mare (modern Latakia, Syria) was a major seaport.

What does the name Laodicea mean?

Biblical Names Meaning:

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Laodicea is: Just people.

Where is the biblical town of Laodicea?

Laodicea is an ancient city located in the Lycus River Valley of Anatolia, near Hierapolis and Colossae, in Denizli province. It was founded in the 3rd century BC by Seleucid King Antiochus II in honor of his wife, Laodice.

What does it mean to be lukewarm?

moderately warm; tepid. having or showing little ardor, zeal, or enthusiasm; indifferent: lukewarm applause.

Has Laodicea been excavated?

Yet more exciting excavations are taking place at the city of Laodicea, about 120km east of Ephesus, on the western border of the ancient Phrygian region of West Anatolia. Laodicea is well sited on a high plateau and surrounded by the rivers Lycos, Kapros and Asopos.