What is the name of the semicircular space above the doors on a Romanesque church?

What is the name for the semicircular space above the doors on a Romanesque church group of answer choices?

In Romanesque architecture, the tympanum constitutes the area between the lintel over a doorway and the arch above. During the 11th and 12th centuries in Europe, tympana over church portals were decorated with intricate and stylized relief sculpture.

What are the parts of a Romanesque portal?

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  • Archivolts. ornamental molding or band following the curve on the underside of an arch.
  • Voussiors. one of the wedge-shaped pieces forming an arch or vault.
  • Tympanum. semi-circular or triangular decorative wall surface over an entrance, sits on a lintel.
  • Doorjamb. …
  • Trumeau. …
  • lintel.

What is the name of this semicircular space beneath the vault where the image is created?

lunette, arching aperture in a wall or concave ceiling. It may be crescent-shaped or semicircular. The word is the French diminutive of lune, “moon.” Lunettes may function as windows, they may form a cove for ornament or statuary, or they may be simply a section of wall framed by an arch or vault.

What is a Romanesque church portal?

Typanum: the prominent semicircular lunette above the doorway proper, comparable in importance to the triangular pediment of a Greco-Roman temple. Voussoirs: the wedge-shaped blocks that together form the archivolts of the arch framing the tympanum.

What is the semicircular area above the door lintel of a church?

Tympanum (architecture) – Wikipedia.

What are the 5 parts that make up a Romanesque church portal?

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  • Archivolts. curved moldings composed of the wedge shape stone voussoirs of the arch-frame the tympanum.
  • voussoirs. the stone the compose of the arches.
  • tympanum. …
  • jambs. …
  • trumeau. …
  • lintel.

What is a groin vault quizlet?

Architects are concerned only on the aesthetic appeal of architecture. What is a groin vault? A groin vault has two barrel vaults of the same diameter which cross or intersect one another. … a curved triangular architectural element that transfers the weight from the dome to the supporting curve.

Where is the west facade in a Romanesque church?

Church and cathedral facades and external decoration

Romanesque church facades, generally to the west end of the building, are usually symmetrical, have a large central portal made by its moldings or porch, and an arrangement of arched-topped windows. In Italy there is often a single central ocular window.

What is a radiating chapel?

In a church, projecting chapels arranged radially around the ambulatory of a semicircular or polygonal liturgical east end. See chevet. A Dictionary of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.