Question: How much is Covington Catholic High School?

Why is Catholic high school so expensive?

Since lay people require a just and living wage, this creates a much more expensive model for Catholic schools. … As Catholic schools were shuttered, families left, and low-cost religious staff disappeared, Catholic school leaders kept staffing levels exactly the same.

Is Covington High School Private?

Covington Catholic High School (abbreviated CCH or CovCath) is a private, Roman Catholic, high school for boys in Park Hills, Kentucky, United States.

Covington Catholic High School

How many students are at Covington Catholic?

The student population of Covington Catholic High School is 592. The school’s minority student enrollment is 5% and the student-teacher ratio is 12:1.

Are Catholic schools cheaper?

Charter schools and home-schooling networks now attract students who might once have gone to Catholic schools. Catholic school tuition, though still cheaper than most private schools, has risen to an average of about $4,800 for elementary school and $10,000 for high school.

How much is tuition at Notre Dame Academy?

Tuition for the 2021-2022 academic year is $15,600 for grades 9 thru 12, and $11,700 for grades 7 & 8. Students entering NDA in the 7 th or 8 th grade will receive a 25% credit on each year of their high school tuition.