How many Gutenberg Bibles exist today?

Account in the Gospel of Luke

Where are the three Gutenberg Bibles?

The Library’s copy is one of those three. The others are at the Bibliothèque Nationale (Paris) and the British Library (London). In spite of the detailed and minute levels of research lavished on the Gutenberg Bible, very little is known about Johann Gutenberg (1400–1468).

How valuable is the Gutenberg Bible?

NEW YORK (AP) _ A Gutenberg Bible was sold at auction Thursday for $5.39 million, more than double the previous record for a printed book, Christie’s auction house said. The Bible, printed in 1455 in Mainz, Germany, is one of 48 surviving of the 185 believed to have been printed at least in part by Johann Gutenberg.

How many Gutenberg Bibles does Harvard have?

Harvard’s copy is one of 47 known Gutenberg Bibles known to be in existence. The book was printed about 1455 by Johann Gutenberg, the inventor of movable type. For insurance purposes, the Bible is valued at $1 million but it is almost irreplaceable.

Is it fair to call Gutenberg an inventor?

1400 – 3 February 1468) was a German inventor, printer, publisher, and goldsmith who introduced printing to Europe with his mechanical movable-type printing press.

Johannes Gutenberg
Occupation Engraver, inventor, and printer
Known for The invention of the movable-type printing press