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At Home with God Family Devotions podcastshouse graphic

7-8 minute audio devotions with a downloadable activity workbook that will help families:

  • Discuss the podcast in more detail
  • Go deeper into the Bible
  • Act on what they have heard
  • Enjoy related activities

Quick Dip Activities – take about 5-10 minutes each.

Each activity has 3 parts


  • Find a Bible – if possible one suitable for your age children
  • Find a time when the whole family is together
  • Choose one activity
  • Encourage everyone to take part – but respect a person’s wish not to
  • Remember that you are learning together as a family – no one has all the answers, every ones opinions are valid – no matter how old or how young.

Activity 1:  God is Father

  • Read – 1 Corinthians 8 verse 6
  • Think/Talk about – How would you describe a perfect father?
  • Pray – Thank God that he is the perfect father and that we can come to him as our gather through Jesus

Activity 2: Understanding Bible Words – Heaven

  • Read – Revelations 21 verses 1-5
  • Think/talk about – What does this tell us about heaven? What does John teach us about how we can know we will be there?
  • Pray – Thank God for the promise of eternal life with him in heaven.

Activity 3: Understanding the Lord’s Prayer

  • Read – Matthew 6 verses 9-13
  • Think/talk about – how amazing it is that we can come to God ‘in heaven’ and call him Father
  • Pray – ask God to help you truly pray to him and trust him as Father.


Disclaimer:  St Leonard’s takes no responsibility for the consequences of following advice given directly or indirectly on these pages. Parents are responsible for determining the suitability of any activities for their children. Information in links will take different theological viewpoints and are not necessarily Anglican in outlook.