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Parenting for Faith’s new slimline book, Babies and Toddlers: Nurturing your child’s spiritual life by Rachel Turner, helps you go on this journey and supports those in your church and community to do the same.

Quick Dip Activities for families to do together – take about 5-10 minutes each.

Each activity has 3 parts


  • Find  a Bible – if possible one suitable for your age children
  • Find a time when the whole family is together 
  • Choose one activity
  • Encourage everyone to take part – but respect a person’s wish not to
  • Remember that you are learning together as a family – no one has all the answers, every ones opinions are valid – no matter how old or how young.

Activity 1:  God is.. Omnipresent

  • Read – Psalm 139: 7-12
  • Think/Talk about – what does this mean for you this week?
  • Pray – Thank God that we are never alone.

Activity 2: He gives strength to the weary

  • Read – Isaiah 40: 28-31
  • Think/talk about – Do you ever think that god doesn’t care about how you feel? How do these words show us that he does?
  • Pray – Thank God that through Jesus we can have this wonderful gift.

Activity 3: Prayer – Confess our sins

  • Read – 1 John 1: 8-9
  • Think/talk about – We all sin. Shae a way in which you have sinned today with each other.
  • Pray – ask God to forgive you and thank him that he promises to forgive us because of Jesus 9see verse 7)..

(last update 06.07.2021)