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Easter is the time when Christians remember the events leading up to Jesus’ death on Good Friday. It seems strange to call the day someone died ‘good’ but we call it that because we know what will happen on Easter morning. Celebrations begin on Palm Sunday (28th March) when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and the crowds welcomed him by waving palm branches. In church we usually give out small palm crosses but this year that will be difficult because of the Covid restrictions but we can all make ourselves a palm cross from paper. I have put the instructions below, so why not have a go.

On Thursday 1st April we think about Jesus having his last meal with his disciples and how he tells them to remember him by sharing bread and wine together when they meet. Then we come to Good Friday when Jesus died on the cross, a horrible and painful death. Three days later on Easter Sunday he rose from the dead and we celebrate this ‘new life’ by having parties, fun and games and chocolate eggs.

Why not make an Easter card for someone or just do some colouring for fun. You will find some colouring pages here:

If you want to see the whole Easter story then get someone to put on a YouTube version for you to watch with your family or read the story from the Bible.

How to make Palm Crosses

 Use a strip of paper about 1/4 inch wide and 13 inches long (a longer strip will make a bigger cross)

1. Hold the frond horizontally

2. Bend the right end straight up from the centre to form a right angle.

3. Fold this same top strip, from the centre, back and down, up and over again, to form a square at the back. It will still be a right angle at this point.

4. a) Bring the left strip forward and fold over the centre towards the right.
    b) Fold away from you and pull through the square at back, all the way.

5. Bend the top strip forward and put the end through the centre square to make a shaft of desired length.

6. Fold left hand strip backwards and put through the back square. This makes the left crossbar and should be in proportion to the shaft.

7. Fold the right strip back, put through the back square to fasten.

(last update 12.03.2021)

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