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Our Sunday Morning services are normally based on material from a magazine called ‘Roots: All Age Worship’ which follows the lectionary readings.

Roots have made some material free for families to access during lockdown – go to this website to find them:

Here are some ideas based on our weekly gospel readings in August – why not have a go at some? You could use them to prepare your children for Sunday or to reinforce what they heard on Sunday.

2nd August   –  The hour is late     –    Matthew 14. 13-21

Read the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand or watch a version on YouTube.

  • Make something to share and bless another person e.g. make some cakes or a card to take to a neighbour
  • Find a paper plate or a circle of paper and draw your favourite pizza – write round the edge things you could put in a food bank collection – next time you go shopping buy one of these items and donate it.

9th August  – Testing the water – Matthew 14. 22-33

Read the story of Jesus walking on the water or watch a version on YouTube.

  • Make a picture of Jesus walking on the water. Draw a background picture of a boat sailing on the water – with the top of the water about half way up the page. Draw Jesus on a separate piece of card, cut him out and stick him to a lolly stick (or piece of card same shape) – get a grown up to make a slit in your picture to push Jesus through and move him back and forth.
  • Older children can rewrite the story as if they saw Jesus that day – start with sentence ‘You will never believe it but..’

16th August –  Listen and understand – Matthew 15. 21-28

Read the passage and think about it, it is a difficult passage for young children. Ask what happened in the story and what it teaches us about Jesus/God.

  • Draw a picture of a person and cut it out – on one side draw a girl who is very ill and sad, on the other draw a girl who has got better and is happy again.
  • Make ‘daisy chain’ people (concertina a piece of paper and draw a person shape on it with hands going to edge of paper – cut this out and open up so you have a chain of people holding hands) – colour each person in, remember Jesus loves everyone.

23rd August –  A better story –  Matthew 16. 13-20

Read the passage or watch a video clip of passage (type the reference into your search box)

  • Draw a large key shape and write:  Mat 16.19 ‘I will give you the keys of the Kingdom’ on it and decorate.
  • Pretend Jesus was coming to town to give a talk – create an advert for this event

30th August –  Take up your cross – Matthew 16. 21-28

Read the passage and think about it ask ‘who do I think Jesus is?’

  • Draw or find pictures of things with their opposites e.g. big teddy/small teddy, sun/moon, black/white etc – consider how we need opposites to understand the world – could you understand dark without light? Or cold without hot?
  • Draw a large cross – put drawings or pictures on this of things that we think need changing in our community e.g. need more seats for older people, need a beauty bar or maybe people to be more friendly – then think if you could help any of these things happen.


Disclaimer:  St Leonard’s takes no responsibility for the consequences of following advice given directly or indirectly on these pages. Parents are responsible for determining the suitability of any activities for their children. Information in links will take different theological viewpoints and are not necessarily Anglican in outlook.