You asked: Who was Apostle Paul’s teacher?

When did Paul study under Gamaliel?

Paul was in Jerusalem from the age of 3 (under Gamaliel), so to assume he already knew how to WRITE Greek would be fallacious.

Who were Paul and Silas in the Bible?

Silas was a bold missionary in the early church, a companion of the Apostle Paul, and a loyal servant of Jesus Christ. Silas accompanied Paul on his missionary journeys to the Gentiles and converted many to Christianity. He also may have served as a scribe, delivering Peter’s first letter to churches in Asia Minor.

What is the Gamaliel principle?

Rather than inquiring into the background of Mary and Joseph of Nazareth, for example, Gamaliel tells us that the truth about Jesus depends on the consequent events that transpire in the future. Gamaliel’s principle can be compared to Aristotle’s famous remark that we should not count a man happy (blessed?)

What does the name Gamaliel mean?

Gamaliel (Heb. גמליאל), also spelled Gamliel, is a Hebrew name meaning “God (אל) is my (י-) reward/recompense (גמל)” indicating the loss of one or more earlier children in the family.

Was Paul killed?

What was Paul’s theology?

Monotheism. Paul, like other Jews, was a monotheist who believed that the God of Israel was the only true God. But he also believed that the universe had multiple levels and was filled with spiritual beings.

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