Best answer: Who wrote the song there was Jesus sung by Zach Williams and Dolly Parton?

How did Zach Williams and Dolly Parton meet?

Zach knew the moment they finished writing the song he wanted to see if Dolly would consider singing it with him. His team got to work and sent the song to Dolly’s manager. She loved it, and arrangements were made for the duo to meet in the studio a few weeks later to record the song.

Does Dolly Parton sing with Zach Williams on less like me?

On the heels of his enormously successful duet, “There Was Jesus”, sung with country legend Dolly Parton, GRAMMY winner Zach Williams has released another single that let’s us know – the success is not all going to his head! Here is the official music video of Zach’s song, “Less Like Me”…

Why did Dolly Parton sing with Zach Williams?

According to Williams, Parton was looking for more faith-based projects when his team reached out regarding the song. … Williams recounted Parton telling him, the day she received the song, that she didn’t even make it through the first chorus, before she knew it was a special song and a “God-send.”

Did Dolly write there was Jesus?

“There Was Jesus” is a song by American Christian rock musician Zach Williams and American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton.

There Was Jesus.

“There Was Jesus”
Genre Christian gospel
Length 3:43
Label Provident Label Group
Songwriter(s) Zach Williams Casey Beathard Jonathan Smith

Why did Zach Williams wrote rescue story?

Based on his own life story, Grammy-winner Zach Williams’ powerful “Rescue Story” is a reflection of where Williams’ life was 20 years ago to now; singing about the moments and places that he didn’t even realize God was involved.

What is the story behind Zach Williams?

Based in Jonesboro, Arkansas, singer/songwriter Zach Williams led the Southern rock band Zach Williams & the Reformation before turning toward inspirational music in his solo career, scoring a Christian hit single with 2016’s “Chain Breaker.” After capturing a live set in a Nashville prison, he delivered his sophomore …

Is the singer Zach Williams related to Robin Williams?

Zak Williams, the eldest son of the late Robin Williams, celebrated his marriage to “best friend” and partner Olivia June in Los Angeles Saturday.