Are Catholic schools strict?

How to protect you SIN Is Catholic school harder than public? A national study led by a Michigan State University economist suggests Catholic schools are not superior to public schools after all. Math scores for Catholic students dropped between kindergarten and eighth grade, while math scores for public school students increased slightly. Can a … Read more

Are Catholics allowed to listen to worship music?

Is it okay for Catholics to listen to secular music? Listening to secular music is not a sin, but as a follower of Christ, everything you do needs to glorify God—your lifestyle, habits, thoughts, speech, and actions. This is your responsibility in being a good witness for Christ. Do Catholics worship music? The Roman … Read more

Are church employees eligible for unemployment?

Why can church employees collect unemployment? Since Unemployment Laws are a state subject, nearly all states exempt churches from paying taxes on behalf of their employees that contribute towards relevant funds. This is the primary reason why church employees cease to qualify. Can I get unemployment if I work for a nonprofit? Nonprofits that … Read more

Are churches automatically tax exempt?

Do churches need an IRS determination letter? Churches may apply for IRS recognition of their exempt status (and receive what is called a “determination letter”), but they are not required to do so. There are some advantages to seeking a letter from the IRS determining that the church is exempt under 501(c)(3). Can you … Read more

Are churches tax exempt in Michigan?

Do churches pay property taxes in Michigan? Property owned and occupied by charitable institutions solely for their charitable purposes is exempt from Michigan property tax. Are 501c3 exempt from sales tax in Michigan? B. Michigan 501(c)(3) nonprofits are exempt from paying sales tax on purchases. You will need to submit a Certificate of Exemption … Read more

Are deacons in the Bible?

Who is a deacon according to the Bible? The term deacon comes from the Greek word diákonos meaning “servant” or “minister.” The word, which appears at least 29 times in the New Testament, designates an appointed member of the local church who assists by serving other members and meeting material needs. What is the … Read more

Are holy priests fun?

Is holy priest fun in Shadowlands? One of the most fun and interesting parts of Shadowlands for Holy Priest is the rise of multiple different buffs that will be added to the mix that can alter your gameplay in meaningful ways, reminding me heavily of Legion and the Holy Priest Artifact. Are holy priests … Read more

Are Lutherans biblical literalists?

Is Lutheran confirmation biblical? 4 Confirmation: Practices They study the Bible, the Lutheran catechism and church doctrine. Before this, the students have usually attended years of religious instruction from lay teachers during Sunday school. … Confirmation celebrations often include a special dinner with family and gifts. Does Lutheran fall under Christianity? Lutheranism, branch of … Read more

Are Methodists part of the Church of England?

Is Methodist the same as Church of England? Though Methodism is often referred to as a denomination, the tradition includes multiple denominations, the largest of which is the United Methodist Church. Often used synonymously with “the Church of England”; the term describes Christian churches around the world that trace their ancestry to the Church … Read more

Are biblical ethics relevant for any age?

What is biblical ethic? Ethics in the Bible refers to the system(s) or theory(ies) produced by the study, interpretation, and evaluation of biblical morals (including the moral code, standards, principles, behaviors, conscience, values, rules of conduct, or beliefs concerned with good and evil and right and wrong), that are found in the … Why … Read more