Your question: What Bible does RC Sproul use?

Which pastors use ESV?

Since publication, the ESV has been endorsed by numerous evangelical pastors and theologians. These include notable individuals such as John Piper, R. C. Sproul, and Kevin DeYoung. As of July 2015, over 100 million printed copies of the translation had been distributed.

What is the New Geneva Study Bible?

The New Geneva Study Bible meets the need for a theologically conservative, balanced study Bible for Presbyterian, Reformed, Evangelical Free, Christian and Missionary Alliance, and other denominations that trace their heritage directly back to John Calvin.

Is the Reformation Study Bible Good?

4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent notes and information on each page. The notes and added information are excellent. It is refreshing to have a Bible with a different perspective than the Thompson Chain Bible and its focus on Dispensationalism. This Bible has a focus on Reform Theology and a Calvinist perspective.

Is the ESV accurate?

The English Standard Version is the result. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that the ESV is a light revision of the RSV and that, because of the textual basis and translational errors carried over from the RSV, it is not a trustworthy translation of the Bible.

What is a good Bible for a pastor?

Overall, the best Study Bible for pastors that I recommend is the NIV, Verse-by-Verse Format Preacher’s Bible by Zondervan. It features easy readability from the New International Version translation, amazing layout, and beautiful Bible cover! The verse-by-verse format allows easy navigation.

What does dispensationalism teach?

Dispensationalists teach that God has eternal covenants with Israel which cannot be violated and must be honored and fulfilled. Dispensationalists affirm the necessity for Jews to receive Jesus as Messiah, while also stressing that God has not forsaken those who are physically descended from Abraham through Jacob.