Why did Gutenberg choose the Bible as the first book to be printed?

What was the purpose of the Gutenberg Bible?

While the Gutenberg Bible was primarily for elite clerical usage, it opened the door to mass and untutored readings and interpretations. The ability to produce hundreds, if not tens of thousands, of copies made the Bible a commercial opportunity and a cultural revolution.

Which was the first book printed by Gutenberg and explain its features?

The first Book printed by Gutenberg was the Bible. The three unique features of the Bible were: 1. The Bible for the first printed book in Europe.

How did the Gutenberg Bible changed the world?

The Bible, too, became a transformed document. Gutenberg’s Bible contained 1,286 pages holding forty-two lines of text. Of the approximately 180 copies printed, less than 50 survive today. In the 50 years that followed the Gutenberg Bible, hundreds of presses emerged across Europe, printing millions of books.

What was the Gutenberg Bible printed on?

There are several different variations of the Gutenberg Bible. Most Gutenberg Bibles contained 1,286 pages bound in two volumes, yet almost no two are exactly alike. Of the 180 copies, some 135 were printed on paper, while the rest were made using vellum, a parchment made from calfskin.

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