Who is the strongest deadly sin?

What is Meliodas max power level?

With the “Demon Mark” it is at 56,000. After his revival, his ‘normal’ power level was at 60,000. And in is Assault Mode it is at 142,000.

Who killed Escanor?

Escanor was not killed by anybody but died on his own. He borrowed “Sunshine” and went up against Demon King (Zeldris). After the latter’s defeat, Escanor had used up his life force and died when the grace returned to Mael. During the post-Holy War arc, the Demon King took the body of his younger son Zeldoris.

What is King power level?

King often keeps the form as a pillow which also acts as a shield. When Chastieol’s true form is released, King’s power level is increased by roughly 11,000-12,000. After undergoing a trial, King’s wings grew, increasing his combat class to 41,600, having 38,800 in magic, zero in strength, and 2,800 in spirit.

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