When did Community Bible start?

Who started community Bible study?

Over 500 women, from many different churches, registered to study the Gospel of John. Lee Campbell, along with her husband Floyd (Corky), were used by God to found Community Bible Study and she taught that first class.

What Bible does community Bible study use?

Amazon.com: Community Bible Study: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle.

What is community Bible?

The Christian Community Bible is a translation of the Christian Bible in the English language originally produced in the Philippines. It is part of a family of translations in multiple languages intended to be more accessible to ordinary readers, particularly those in Third World countries.

How many countries is community Bible study in?

Numerical indicators of increasing impact include: 120 countries, an increase of 23.5% in five years; 637,233 participants, an increase of 75.1%; of that, 198,894 are children, an increase of 269.4%.

What is CBS church?

Campus Bible Study (or CBS) was established in 1975 at the University of New South Wales by the then Anglican chaplain Phillip Jensen. CBS celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2015, and continues to officially operate out of UNSW’s Anglican Chaplaincy (similarly, there are chaplaincy groups for Muslims, Buddhists, etc.).

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What is a good study Bible to have?

The Jeremiah Study Bible, NKJV

Written by one of the most celebrated Bible teachers in America, The Jeremiah Study Bible NKJV provides readers a deeper understanding of the scripture for an effective relationship with God. The book packs countless features that make it the best study bible in the market today.

How should a beginner study the Bible?

13 Tips for Studying the Bible For Beginners or Experienced…

  1. Get the right Bible translation. …
  2. Get the right Bible. …
  3. Don’t be afraid to write in your Bible. …
  4. Start small. …
  5. Schedule Bible study. …
  6. Get your stuff together. …
  7. Pray before studying. …
  8. Avoid rules.

Which Bible is the Catholic version?

Roman catholic bible? Catholics use the New American Bible.

What version of the Bible is used in Catholic Mass?

If you are asking about the Mass Readings, if it is in English, mostly the translation used is the New American Bible, some areas use the Jerusalem Bible or the Revised Standard Version-Catholic Edition.