What is the last wish of WB Yeats in the poem A Prayer for My Daughter?

What does WB Yeats wish for his daughter?

Because he does not want his daughter to be too beautiful, the speaker wishes instead for her to be “chiefly learned” in “courtesy,” stating that the hearts of others can be won through “glad kindness.” He wishes his daughter to be a “flourishing hidden tree” who might be “rooted in one dear perpetual place,” someone …

What prayer does the poet make for his daughter?

I pray that my daughter will be beautiful, but not so beautiful that she drives others mad—nor herself mad when she looks in the mirror. For those who are made too beautiful think that beauty is something to be pursued for its own sake. They lose their kind nature, as well as the ability to be truly intimate and good.

What were WB Yeats last words?

William Butler Yeats

His last words were said to be, “If I die, bury me up there [in the churchyard at Roquebrune], and then in a year’s time, when the newspapers have forgotten me, dig me up and plant me in Sligo.”

What does the poet pray for his daughter in the poem A Prayer for My Daughter?

The poet prays “In a Prayer for my Daughter” that his daughter will be reasonably beautiful and have a secure, innocent, and well-ordered life rooted in marriage, home, and traditional values.

How does WB Yeats pray for his daughter?

In the second stanza of ‘A Prayer for My Daughter’, Yeats worries about the future are further explained. He hears the sea screaming upon the tower, under the bridge and elms above the flooded stream. The onomatopoeia word “Scream” and the “flooded stream” symbolize the poet’s overwhelming anxiety for his daughter.

What kind of husband does Yeats want her daughter to have?

The poet continues with what he wants his daughter to possess more than mere beauty. He wants his daughter to learn to be compassionate and kind. Many times, men who believed to love and loved by the beautiful women faced disappointment compared to those found love in the modest yet compassionate women.

For whom does the poet Yeats pray?

Answer: Out of his gloom and fear about an unsafe future the poet prays for the safety of his new born daughter.

What message does the poet wants to convey through the poem A Prayer for My Daughter?

What message is conveyed by the poet in the poem prayer to my daughter? … In the poem ‘Prayer For My daughter’ by William Butler Years the poet has two main messages to convey. His daughter’s future love. That chooses right, and never find a friend.

What are the qualities that Yeats wishes for his daughter in the poem A Prayer for My Daughter?

Yeats suggests that kindness and generosity breed trust and affection between people. Yeats would also wish his daughter a life of stability and deep-rootedness—that is, a quiet life away from noisy thoroughfares.

What then WB Yeats?

‘What then?’ The work is done,’ grown old he thought, ‘According to my boyish plan; Let the fools rage, I swerved in naught, Something to perfection brought’; But louder sang that ghost, ‘What then?’