What gives the most prayer XP?

What is the fastest way to level up Prayer in Runescape?

There are only a few ways to power level Prayer: burying bones, big bones or dragon bones, scattering impious ashes or accursed ashes and combining the burying and scatter of the bone type with the ash type.

How do you increase Prayer in XP?

Each auto-sanctifier provides a 350% Prayer experience boost when burying bones or scattering ashes (equal experience to offering at a gilded altar). Each auto-sanctifier has 50 charges. When burying (not offering) dragon bones or other dragon-type bones, the wearer receives double Prayer experience.

What bones give best Prayer XP rs3?

The following bones are the best to use on the Altar. Prayer will be an expensive skill to train no matter which method you choose to do.

Gilded Altar.

Bone Experience From Altar
Infernal Ashes 218.75
Dragon Bones 252
Dagannoth Bones 437.5
Airut Bones 463.75

How many dragon bones do you need for 99 Prayer?

If you have completed the aforementioned quests, you will need 51,656 dragon or wyvern bones to get from level 32 Prayer to 99.

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How many hours is 99 Prayer?

If you were to just sit there and bury regular bones from level 1 – 99, it would take over 1000 hours and would cost you over 200 000 000. Big bones would take about 300 – 400 hours to bury to level 99.

How much do bone runners make Osrs?

LPT: You can run bones to people training prayer and make up to 2m/hr.

What are the best bones to bury in Runescape?


Bones Method (Price per XP) Price
Dagannoth bones 125 8,605
Ourg bones 140 25,829
Superior dragon bones 150 11,780

Is 99 prayer worth it rs3?

In my opinion, don’t go for 99 prayer unless you know you can afford to without missing the money. But getting to 95 would be highly beneficial if you are someone that PvM’s.

How can I train my prayer fast?

The fastest way to train Prayer is to offer bones of any sort at a gilded altar in a player-owned house. When both incense burners are lit, the altar gives 350% experience per bone when a bone is offered at it.

Does Double XP work on gilded altars?

A gilded altar is the highest level altar that can be built in the chapel of a player-owned house. It can be used to recharge Prayer. … During Double XP Weekends, altars only give their usual bonuses; furthermore, no bonus experience is used, and experience-boosting items or other bonuses will not work.

How do you use soul split?

Experienced players can essentially use Soul Split as an alternative to food, even at bosses. An effective way of using this curse is by flicking it in combination with Deflect Melee, Deflect Magic, or Deflect Missiles.

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