What does dispensation mean in the KJV Bible?

What are the 7 dispensations in the Bible?


  • Innocence — Adam under probation prior to the Fall of Man. …
  • Conscience — From the Fall to the Great Flood. …
  • Human Government — After the Great Flood, humanity is responsible to enact the death penalty. …
  • Promise — From Abraham to Moses. …
  • Law — From Moses to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

What does dispensation mean in the church?

dispensation, also called Economy, in Christian ecclesiastical law, the action of a competent authority in granting relief from the strict application of a law. It may be anticipatory or retrospective.

What are the 3 dispensations in the Bible?

As noted earlier, only three dispensations are discussed extensively in the Scriptures—the Law, grace (church), and the kingdom (the millennium)—though others are indicated in the Scriptures.

What is the first dispensation in the Bible?

The First Dispensation: The Age of Innocence from the Creation of Adam to His Expulsion from the Garden of Eden Kindle Edition. Scriptural dispensationalists have identified seven basic periods during which God is sovereignly ruling the world as He executes His plan for history through progressive stages of revelation.

What is the dispensation of the Holy Spirit?

This is the dispensation of the Holy Spirit. We cannot do anything of value, worth, anything that is worthy of being referred to, anything of substance, anything that will last and anything that will bring glory to God without the Holy Spirit.

What is the meaning of new dispensation?

variable noun. A dispensation is special permission to do something that is normally not allowed.

What does the word dispensations mean?

dispensationnoun. The act of dispensing or dealing out; distribution; often used of the distribution of good and evil by God to man, or more generically, of the acts and modes of his administration. dispensationnoun. That which is dispensed, dealt out, or appointed; that which is enjoined or bestowed.

What is an example for dispensation?

Dispensation is defined as special permission to not have to follow a rule or to not be bound by a particular code of behavior. An example of dispensation is when your boss gives you special permission to skip a required training course. Anything dispensed or distributed.

What does biblical dispensation mean?

the divine ordering of the affairs of the world. an appointment, arrangement, or favor, as by God. a divinely appointed order or age: the old Mosaic, or Jewish, dispensation; the new gospel, or Christian, dispensation.

What is the difference between dispensationalism and covenant theology?

One of the key differences between dispensationalism and covenantalism is their understanding of Israel, the Church, and the people of God. These differences have a crucial impact on the interpretation of many different end time events. According to dispensationalists there are two separate peoples of God.