What caused the fire in the church in the outsiders?

Who burned the church in the outsiders?

In The Outsiders, Ponyboy and Johnny are hiding in the abandoned church because Johnny killed a Soc during a fight. Although he did this to keep the Socs from killing Ponyboy, Johnny and Ponyboy are scared they’ll be arrested.

What most likely caused the fire at the church the outsiders?

Why did Ponyboy and Johnny go into the burning church? To save children who were stuck inside because they felt guilty that the fire was most likely caused due to them.

What does the burning church mean in the outsiders?

They notice schoolchildren are trapped in the fire and rescue them, but Johnny is badly injured while doing so. The fire symbolizes the destruction of innocence, as the church is a symbol of innocence (particularly the schoolchildren who are in the church).

What happened to the church the outsiders?

When they come back, they find that the church is on fire and then learn that a bunch of kids are stuck inside. So Johnny and Ponyboy break in through a window and rescue the children just before the church collapses.

What provoked Johnny and Ponyboy run inside the burning church?

Why did Johnny and Ponyboy run into the church? Because Johnny killed Bob. The Socs were going to tell the police and they were nt going to be able to get out of it because they would believe the Socs. What are Johnny’s injuries?

Why did Dally hit Ponyboy across the back as he was leaving the burning church?

Dally hit Ponyboy across the back as he was leaving the burning church because. Pony lost all the money Dally loaned them. it was the only way he could get Pony to turn himself in.

What are Johnny’s injuries from the fire?

Johnny receives severe third degree burns on much of his body. His back is broken and the doctors inform Darry and Ponyboy that Johnny will most likely be paralyzed if he survives his injuries. While Ponyboy and Dallas soon recover from their injuries, Johnny seems to get worse as the days pass.

What does a burning church symbolize?

‘ Church burning represents the dangerously violent heights to which racial hatred may rise. Like cross burning, the mes- sage of racial hate and promised harm is clearly articulated to Afri- can-Americans when a Black church is burned.