Quick Answer: Which prayer app is the most accurate?

Is Athan app accurate?

Athan not just shows the accurate prayer time but also allows you to track your prayer performance. With it, you can attain more prayer discipline. You will quickly find out the nearby mosques, schools, organizations with their contact information as well as directions.

How do I get full Adhan on my Iphone?

When the adhan start, open the notification bar of your iOS device. 2. Tap the notification that appears to launch Prayer Times application and get the full adhan.

Is Athan Pro free?

Athan Pro for Windows Pc & Mac: Free Download (2021) | Pcmacstore.com.

What is the prayer time in Bahrain?

Prayer Times Today in Bahrain

Sunrise – 5:49 AM. Dhuhr – 11:20 AM. Asr – 2:28 PM. Maghrib – 4:50 PM.

What time is prayer in Dearborn?

Nov 16, 2021 – Today Dearborn prayer timings for Muslims to perform their prayers are as Fajr Time 6:04 AM, Dhuhr 12:18 PM, Asr 2:49 PM, Maghrib Time 5:10 PM & Isha 6:31 PM.

What is best Adhan app?

These apps also provide the most accurate features that are Azan, Qibla, Islamic calendar, and Islamic events that are the best feature of the apps.

Muslim Globe is a simple application and user-friendly application with beautiful and attractive designing icons.

  • 2 Muslim Pro. …
  • 3 Ezan Vakti Pro. …
  • 4 Muslim Mate. …
  • 5 Prayer Times.

What are the words of Adhan?

This is what is said in the adhan; the first phrase is said four times and the rest twice. Ashhadu an la ilaha illa Allah – I bear witness that there is no god except the One God. Assalatu khairum-minan-naum – Prayer is better than sleep (This part is only recited for morning prayers.)

What time is Fajr in Detroit?

Nov 16, 2021 – Today Detroit prayer timings for Muslims to perform their prayers are as Fajr Time 6:04 AM, Dhuhr 12:17 PM, Asr 2:49 PM, Maghrib Time 5:09 PM & Isha 6:30 PM.