Question: Why did Calpurnia take extra care over the children’s clothes before going to church?

Why did Calpurnia make Jem and Scout get all cleaned and dressed up for church?

What reason does Calpurnia give for deciding to take Jem and Scout to the African M.E. church with her? She didn’t want Jem and Scout misbehaving while she was gone. She made them get clean and dressed up. She didn’t want anyone at her church thinking she wasn’t taking care of “her children.”

What happens when Calpurnia takes the children to church?

Finally, when the children go to the church there is a black lady (Lula) that is enraged that Calpurnia brought white children to a black church. Hence, they learn that racism goes both ways. Jem and Scout learn that just as some white citizens show prejudice in Maycomb, so do some black citizens.

Why does Calpurnia so concerned about the children’s appearance?

Terms in this set (14) Calpurnia is so concerned about the children’s appearance when she takes them to First Purchase because white children don’t usually attend First Purchase, therefore, knowing that they will be judged, she wants them to look presentable.

Why did Calpurnia fuss over the children?

So, Calpurnia has a few reasons to fuss over the children. She wants Scout and Jem to look presentable; to Calpurnia, it is a mark of respect to dress well for Sunday worship. She also wants her congregation to know that she works hard and is proud of performing her duties well.

Why does Calpurnia bring the children to church What purpose does this scene serve?

Lula wants to know why Calpurnia is “bringin’ these white chilluns’ to a black church?” The purpose of this interaction is to demonstrate how uncomfortable situations can become when people cross out of their comfort zone. By going to the black church Scout and Jem see what it is like to be a minority.

Why does Calpurnia take the children to her church the First Purchase African ME Church?

Why does Calpurnia take Jem and Scout to her church? Calpurnia takes Jem and Scout to church because the children wouldn’t have had any supervision at their own church. She also takes them there because Tom Robinson is a member of her church.

What happens in the church when Calpurnia takes Scout and Jem to church?

Calpurnia takes Jem and Scout to her church in Chapter Twelve of To Kill a Mockingbird. The night before the service, Calpurnia bathes both Jem and Scout, and she reviews their clothing (a suit for Jem and a dress with petticoats and a pink sash for Scout) and treats the material with starch the morning of.

Who does Mr Tate say killed Bob Ewell?

Heck Tate understands the truth of the situation, which is that Boo Radley killed Bob Ewell. Heck Tate also understands that to publicize this information would bring a lot of attention on Boo Radley, something Boo himself would never want.

How does Scout’s role as narrator affect the reader’s understanding of the story?

The use of a child narrator enables the reader to see the action through fresh eyes, but Scout’s age also limits the narrative, especially in its treatment of race. While she understands Tom’s conviction is unfair, Scout accepts much of the institutionalized racism of the town.

What does Atticus say about Calpurnia How does he describe her role in the family?

Atticus trusts whole heartedly in Calpurnia’s judgment: She has helped to raise Jem and Scout since their mother’s death four years ago. Like Atticus, Calpurnia is a strict but loving teacher, particularly in regard to Scout, whose enthusiasm sometimes makes her thoughtless.