Question: What are some of the most important religious days for followers of Christianity?

What are the 3 major holy days of Christianity?

Christian Holy Days, Holidays, and Seasons

  • Palm Sunday. When: Sunday before Easter. …
  • Maundy Thursday. When: Thursday before Easter. …
  • Good Friday. When: Friday before Easter. …
  • Easter. When: First Sunday after the first full moon after March 21. …
  • Pentecost. When: 40 days after Easter. …
  • Christmas. When: December 25.

What are the two biggest holidays for Christians?

Most of these celebrations are inspired by Christmas and Hanukkah, the two major religious holidays celebrated by Christians and Jewish believers, respectively, in America.

What are some important days for Christianity?

Christian Religious Holidays

  • 01/06/20–Epiphany. …
  • 01/06/20–Three King’s Day. …
  • 01/06/20–Christmas-Armenia.
  • 01/12/20 – Baptism of the Lord Jesus.
  • 02/02/20–Candlemas Day. …
  • 02/16-22/20- Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week.
  • 02/25/20 – Shrove Tuesday.
  • 02/26/20–Ash Wednesday-Lent Begins.

What religious holiday is Thursday?


2021 Date Holiday Religion
All Baha’i Buddhist Christian Hindu Islam Jain Judaism Pagan and Wiccan Roman Catholic Scientology Shinto Sikh Zoroastrian
April 1 Maundy (Holy) Thursday Christian
April 2 Good Friday Christian
April 3 Holy Saturday Christian