Can you listen to the Bible on audible?

Does audiobooks have the Bible?

The audio edition of the Bible lasts for over 90 hours and contains a complete version of the Old Testament and the New Testament. … Discover a new dimension to the Bible by listening to the text.

Which is the best audible Bible?

10 Best Audio Bibles

  • Pure Voice Audio Bible – King James Version, KJV: Complete Bible: Holy Bible. …
  • Complete NIV Audio Bible, Volume 1: Law, History, Poetry. …
  • Complete NIV Audio Bible, Volume 2: Prophets, Gospels, Acts and Letters.
  • The Word of Promise Audio Bible – New King James Version, NKJV: Complete.

Is there an Audio Bible app?

Listen to the Bible, a daily devotional, Reading Plans, the Verse of the Day and your prayer list. YouVersion Bible is completely free and lets you listen to books, chapters and verses of the Bible. … Download the free Bible App for iPhone/iPad, Android devices and Amazon tablets at

Is the Catholic Bible on audible?

The Catholic Audio Bible by Christopher Glyn | Audiobook |

How can I listen to the Bible on my Iphone?

The best Bible app for iOS is The Bible app from YouVersion. It offers a great user interface, easy (and free) access to a large number of translations in many languages, and offers a bunch of great reading plans.

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Who Wrote the Bible audiobook?

RICHARD ELLIOTT FRIEDMAN is one of the premier bible scholars in the country.

What is an audible Bible?

Audio Bibles or spoken Bibles are Bibles that were recorded in audio format.

Where can I listen to the Bible in a year?

For the complete reading plan, visit

Can I read the Bible on my phone?

Today, you can just download a Bible app to your smartphone and have the whole scripture at your finger tips. Some Bible apps even offer multiple translations, Bibles in different languages, commentaries, the ability to highlight and take notes, and maps and photos as extra resource material.

Can Google read the Bible to me?

Yes, Google Home can read the bible without any additional setup required. Google Assistant “actions” come automatically activated. Some of the best bible reading actions for Google Home are YouVersion Bible, GodLife, and Pocket Bible. Try saying, “OK Google, tell YouVersion Bible to read John 3:16”.

Is there a Catholic Bible app?

The Catholic Study Bible App features a FREE electronic version of the entire Catholic Bible, RSV Second Catholic Edition (RSV-2CE), packed with incredible content from Ignatius Press, Lighthouse Catholic Media, and the Augustine Institute that brings Sacred Scripture to life.

Is the EWTN app free?

EWTN: The Most Catholic Content On the Web – And It’s All Free.