Best answer: What does regenerate mean in the Bible?

What does regeneration in the Bible mean?

Usage: regeneration. Regeneration is the beginning of that change. The Meaning of Grace: But God . The Holman Bible Dictionary gives this definition: The radical spiritual change in which God brings an individual from a condition of spiritual defeat and death to a renewed condition of holiness and life.

What does rebirth mean in the Bible?

Rebirth is therefore more than a conversion and new beginning; it is the attainment of a new life and salvation by the Christian. … It is at present reality communicated to the Christian by the word of God (1 Pt 1.23) and the Spirit (Jn 3.5, 8), the principles of this new birth.

What is the nature of regeneration?

Regeneration is a new spiritual and supernatural Principle, wrought by the Spirit of God in all the Page 6 Faculties of the Soul, enclining and enabling unto the Exercise of a Life of Faith in Christ; and new Obedience to God.

What does regeneration mean spiritually?

Spiritually, it means that God brings a person to new life (that they are “born again”) from a previous state of separation from God and subjection to the decay of death (Ephesians 2:5) Thus, in Lutheran and Roman Catholic theology, it generally means that which takes place during baptism. …

What is the correct meaning of the word regenerate?

transitive verb. 1 : to generate or produce anew especially : to replace (a body part) by a new growth of tissue. 2 : to produce again chemically sometimes in a physically changed form. Other Words from regenerate. regenerable -​ˈjen-​(ə-​)rə-​bəl adjective.

What is another term for rebirth?

Words related to rebirth

comeback, recovery, rehabilitation, rejuvenation, renaissance, renewal, restoration, revival, regeneration, resurrection, awakening, metempsychosis, reincarnation, renascence, revivification, transmigration, reawakening.

What is the meaning of spiritual renewal?

It simply means a belief in something bigger than yourself that helps you stay connected; to the Earth, other humans, God, or a higher power. Spiritual awakening and renewal are concepts that can be found in all cultures and societies. It can be God, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, family, the Holy Spirit, Zeus, or nature.

What is another word for regeneration?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for regeneration, like: rebuilding, restoration, rehabilitation, rebirth, renewal, revival, redemption, recovery, metanoia, re-generation and reformation.

Why do we need to regenerate?

All living organisms have some ability to regenerate as part of natural processes to maintain tissues and organs. … Forming thick scars in tissues and skin to promote the healing of injured or amputated body parts. Regrowing hair and skin. Healing a bone fracture by using new tissue to knit the bone pieces together.

Why do we need regeneration?

By its very definition, regeneration requires that we go beyond sustaining our fossil fuel practices. It means striving not only towards zero emissions, but restoring lost topsoil, habitats and biodiversity.